Hand Carved Ocean Jasper Lion Necklace on Orange Sapphire Faceted Beads

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Hand carved, ocean jasper lion necklace on either orange sapphire faceted beads or a dimensional quad beaded chain (your choice). This carving itself is a work of art. It was carved by an Indigenous Australian man who works with my opal supplier. I find his carvings to be the highest quality and so inspirational. I've accented this carving with blue tourmaline, amethyst, emerald, pyrope garnet or hot pink spinel and some other uncommon gemstones. It was fun to make! Choose between facetted orange sapphires strung to about 18" long or or the aforementioned chain 24" long (let me know via the contact button or I will choose for you. The setting is fine silver, sterling silver and 14k gold marriage of metals. I made a custom prong and bezel hybrid setting so you can really see the carving details in the mane. The pendant measures 2 1/4" x 1 1/16" long.