Enhanced Drusy Agate Necklace in Sterling Silver

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One of a kind snow-capped mountain with a baby mountain dangle necklace. I used fancy bezel wire and it is double stranded with silver waves, blue kyanite and aquamarine pebbles. Both mountain pieces are enhanced drusy quartz. The larger piece is dyed. Additional enhancements are that the small crystals that make it drusy are fumed with titanium and platinum (I think). Druse in geology means it has tiny crystals as a surface. The titanium and platinum fuming treatment, makes an eye-popping metalic color and the color varies by what metal is used to fume. I think the blue is from the titanium and maybe the silver color is from a platinum fume? To be honest, I can't be sure I'm 100% right on explaining that...but it doesn't matter, it's a super fun, enhanced piece that is unique and was fun to make. The pendant has a solid sterling silver back. No skimping on this one. It Is a prong and bezel hybrid setting which adds to its one-of-a-kind uniqueness. The pendant measures anout 2 1/16" x 1 1/16". The length is about 17 1/8" long.