Snowcapped Mountain Statement Necklace in 14K Gold, Silver and Blue Sapphires

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I started this project in 1992 and it contains the very first solder joint I ever preformed. I was at School in NYC at FIT. I used to get in trouble for using precious metals and real gemstones in art school. I'm not kidding or exaggerating. We were supposed to be using copper and nickle and I was repremanded on a daily basis for working in precious metals. It was not just frowned upon, it was against the rules but it was a dumb rule.

I knew back then that spending whole semesters on a single piece or two was a luxury I wouldn't always have and I was unwilling to risk that I'd make something worthwhile, only to have it devalued by practice materials. 

So this snowcapped mountain piece is one of my few remaining "college pieces" that I haven't put up for sale. I have enjoyed revisiting it and improving it on-and-off for decades. Last week was the last time I put finishing touches on it by adding the 14k gold snowflake trims. I feel the time has come to find it a home. Check out the side view of the prong gallery I created for this heirloom piece of jewelry.

The sapphires are brilliant blue. This is a statement pendant measuring just over 2 3/4" long by 1 1/4" at the base. While I did not hand make the 16" silver chain, it has been carefully selected for how well it coordinates.