Iolite Wave necklace in Gold

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These are beautiful iolites in the true briolette cut. The beads are 14k waves and flowers give them the finishing touch. It is 16" long, on a durable synthetic string that moves like silk but won't shred, stretch, or fray like silk. You may not know this, but high quality iolite is so hard to find right now, and that is why no one is talking about iolite! They became so hard to get that all talk of them has vanished! It is like what happened to alexandrite, the real June birthstone. Did you know that in the 1920s, and 1930s you could buy alexandrite at the local jewelers as if it were amethyst today. Then it became mined out and the price rose so high that no one even talked about it because only the super rich could afford it. Well this is what I've noticed with iolite. Let us give this piece a wonderful home. It would also look great layered with any of the wave necklaces if you already have one.

Sorry but this necklace has already found its forever neck. It is here in case you would like to custom create something specifically for you that has a similar feel. Price varies according to materials. Thank you for looking...

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