Moldavite, Amethyst and Sunstone Enhancer with Aubergine Tahitian Pearl Necklace

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This piece was designed for a very special friend to wear on her wedding day! She looked like an angel and it was the most exquisite evening. The top stone is Moldavite. The center stone is a fancy cut amethyst. The stone on the bottom is the most amazing, museum quality sunstone, faceted by award winning American lapidary artist David Brackna of Maryland. The bezels of each piece are 22k gold. The underbezels are 14k gold and each stone is hinged for perfect articulation. The pendant is actually an enhancer, so it may be removed from the pearls. It would be great worn on an omega, heavy gold chain or anything else that strikes your desires. Also, this allows you to wear these stunning pearls by themselves. Don't you just love the versatility of enhancers. The pearls are Natural Aubergine Tahitian pearls! They are the best quality, so very round, and the richest warm color of pearls I've ever seen in my life! The pearls are graduated in size from 9mm to 10.4mm. The clasp is a solid traditional pearl clasp that has an interlocking heart motif. It is hand knotted between each pearl and is strung on brown silk because that is the traditional string for Tahitian pearls.

Sorry but this necklace has already found its forever neck. It is here in case you would like to custom create something specifically for you that has a similar feel. Price varies according to materials. Thank you for looking...

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