Multicolor Toumaline Briolette Bracelet

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This is one of the most beautiful multi color tourmaline bracelets I've made. The clarity of the stones is AAA. The colors are deeply saturated and the whole piece looks rich! I have to tell you though, that this bracelet has a story. You have seen it on and off of my website from time to time. The truth is that it is jumpy. It is the strangest thing! I once thought it was stolen with my calculator at the Lincoln center show, but then it turned up in my mother's sofa months later. Then I found it again once in the grass at my booth space at the Lyndhurst show after packing up one weekend. I always do a quick once-over to make sure I missed nothing in the booth, but grass is hard, so I was lucky. Since I've never worn it, it escapes me (literally) how this could happen. So someone who will wear it everyday needs to take it off my hands because I'm having trouble keeping track of it. It is like my rebel child-I just turn my back for a moment and it is goneÑonly to return in the oddest place. But it always returnsÉ

Sorry but this bracelet has already found its forever wrist. It is here in case you would like to custom create something specifically for you that has a similar feel. Price varies according to materials. Thank you for looking...

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