Pointy Boulder Baby Opal Necklace

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This opal is mostly a bluish boulder opal but I really like this opal mostly because it has one pinpoint flash of orange that is really intense. So intense, that it is clear why flash is also called fire. You can see this flash perfectly framed in a white spot in the upper right quadrant of the stone. By the way, it is hard for me to get good photos of these boulder baby necklaces because the luster on these stones is so good that it is hard to avoid reflections. In my opinion, they are all much prettier in real life. The white freshwater, cultured, very round pearls are great quality with beautiful luster. It is 16.75" long with a sterling spring ring clasp. Dainty in scale, this piece is so feminine and elegant!

Sorry but this necklace has already found its forever neck. It is here in case you would like to custom create something specifically for you that has a similar feel. Price varies according to materials. Thank you for looking...

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