Pure Silver Flower Ring with Fancy Sapphires and Rubies

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Finding something new and exciting after making jewelry professionally for 27 years has really gotten my creativity refreshed! My friend Lisajoy Sachs introduced me to this new way of making jewelry with precious metal clay. Mitsubishi Motors (yes, the car company) makes this clay that is pure silver embedded in a bonding agent. I create my piece out of clay, then by firing it in a kiln, it "sinters" into a solid piece of pure silver once the bonding agent burns out. Sounds complicated but it is like playing with really expensive play-doh and really brings out my inner child. It allows for spontaneous creativity and surprise. This ring is solid silver with peach and yellow sapphires and 2 rubies!

Sorry but this ring has already found its forever finger. It is here in case you would like to custom create something specifically for you that has a similar feel. Price varies according to materials. Thank you for looking...

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